Important functionalities in just a single click

An intelligent CRM systems that will help you boost your sales

Envision your opportunities

Stages & Leads

This will give you an overall view of all your leads and where they stand in the sales process of your company, from which you can make critical decisions.

Pipelines & Filters

Creating multiple pipelines as per your business needs will help manage the leads wisely and will help you group the similar leads. All the leads can be filtered by Users or Pipelines. You workspace can be switched between List View or Pipeline View.

Quick Actions

Creating a new lead, assigning a Contact, Product, or a To Do or changing the responsible person for the lead, Changing the Pipeline or the Stage of the lead can be achieved easily from the workspace.

Cooperate with your team members


Manage To Dos for the Leads. You can assign any of your team member for the tasks created.
You can have a separate view of all the completed and pending To Dos and mark them as Complete when done.


Create important Notes related to leads which can also be sent to the lead contacts, and his response also can be captured and saved in the Notes so that you will not miss any critical information.

Instant Notifications

Get notified instantly as and when you have a lead assigned or a To Do assigned for you so that you will not miss any important details.

Upload Documents

Upload all necessary documents related to the leads, so that no important documents will be lost.

Manage your contacts and organizations

Lead Contacts

Manage Lead Contact information. Create and assign contacts for leads and communicate with them via Lead Notes.


Descriptive Reports

Wide range of reports which will help you get the statistics at a glance. You can switch between Bar and Pie charts.

Custom Reports

Select the preferred report from the drop down and view to get the idea on where the leads stand in the sales process.

Instant Results

Choose from the various options and filters, instead of building  from the scratch.